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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is the process for placing an order? 

Once you have received your quote and decided on an item, we will request that you send us your logo or artwork. We will then size the artwork to fit the item and send it back to you for approval.  After approval is received, the printing will begin.  When the job is finished, you will be notified.  Payment in full is expected at the time of delivery.


When does 4C charge for artwork?

It is our policy to charge for artwork when the artwork has to be re-created.  As long as you can send us original, vectored artwork, in a format that can be altered without distortion, you will not be charged.  We will add text, size your logo and change the colors at no charge.


What if I don't have original artwork?

Just let us know.  We can convert your business card, letterhead, computer graphic, or drawing for less than $30.  We can even create art from your ideas!


What format do you prefer to receive artwork files?

Our preferred format is a vectored EPS file.  However, we will be happy to evaluate whatever type of file you have.


There is a set up fee on my quote.  What is this for?

Whether printing on shirts, pens or magnets, there are many steps involved.  The set up fee covers the making of film, plates, and mixing of inks.


Do I still have to pay shipping if I pick my items up?

Because we provide 350,000 different items, each order is a custom order.  If you order 250 pink Frisbees, we must have the Frisbees shipped to us.  We help keep your shipping costs down by using suppliers in close proximity whenever possible.


How long will it take to get my order?

The short answer is 7 to 10 business days from approval of artwork.  Here are ways to speed the process:

*remember that the clock starts ticking when you approve artwork, not when you place the order.  The faster you review the artwork, the sooner we can begin production.

*Simple graphics without shading and multiple colors are faster to print.

* Designer colors and PMS colors often must be special ordered, delaying the process.


What if I'm on a tight deadline?

We'll do whatever we can to help. Rush and overnight shipping charges may apply.

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Prices listed on the website do not include set-up charges, embroidery charges, and shipping charges.
When you place an order, your credit card is not charged automatically.
We will always confirm all costs with you before charging your card.

There is never a charge for a quote or additional information on any of our products.